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PPADB application forms for registration of contractors (what should be included)


  1. Certified copied of omang or passport (non-citizens) for all shareholders, directors and principal and senior permanent employees.
  2. Evidence of projects carried out.
  3. Letter from the bank indicating signatories to the company’s bank account.
  4. Copies of certificate of incorporation (form 3 or 4 ) & form 6 (where necessary).
  5. Certified copied of share certificates.
  6. Curriculum vitae signed – for all principle and senior permanent employees.
  7. Certified copied certificate of academic/professional qualifications, trade certificates-this must include qualifications relevant to the discipline applied for
  8. Current form 2 or (2A&2B) – company’s register of directors and secretaries & form 14 & 15 (where necessary)
  9. Current form 4 or 2&2D – return of allotments & form 8 (where necessary)
  10. Current form 5 or 2 – notice of situation of registered office 7 form 15 where necessary
  11. Share transfer forms (where necessary)
  12. Cancelled share certificates (where necessary)
  13. valid work and residence permits for non- citizens
  14. Certified copies of professional indemnity certificates (for consultancy)
  15. Any other documents you my deem important for application
  16. Copies of PPADB or central tender board certificate if you are already registed with is
  17. NB: Please ensure that you attach the above documents to each of the forms you submit all copies should be originally certified


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