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How to select bidding package

13. A Procuring Entity, in selecting of a Bidding Package will have to first select the package then the group (by clicking on the link bearing the title),

14. Procuring Entities are advised to select the package that closely fits the description of the procurement activity that they wish to undertake. In selecting an appropriate package, which may be done even before the start of the procurement process, the Procuring

Entity will then have to:-

(a) Select the broad category (e.g. Works Packages);
(b) Choose the appropriate activity (e.g. WOR01- Building; Reserved; Small Value)
(c) Click on the serial label (e.g. WOR01) to access the list of minimum forms and documents that are applicable for that activity).
(d) Download the forms/documents and save them accordingly
(e) Input the required information

(f) Compile into a single document sequencing them as listed under the group, with each form starting on a new page. The document will have to be page numbered and the following broad sections:-

Volume 1 : Lists and contains documents that have procedures (that are to be followed when bidding) and conditions for bidding.

Volume 2 : Lists and contains forms that are to be completed and submitted by the Bidder, when the Bidder should submit them as well as what the Procuring Entity is going to use them for.

Volume 3 : Contains Standardised documents (such as Standardised Conditions of Tender and General Conditions of Contract) that apply to the tendering and contracting processes.

(g) Send the complete Bidding Package to the PPADB or appropriate Committee (depending on the threshold) for vetting before the documents can be published.

15. The packages are also available for collection from the center as hard copies for representatives of the procuring entities who need to interact with the Advisory Centre staff.


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